Kyle Seraphin

Former FBI Agent & Whistleblower

Kyle Seraphin is a former FBI Special Agent and USAF Veteran. He managed restaurants, worked corporate sales, and performed financial analysis for a major movie studio prior to enlisting at 27 years old. On active duty, he graduated from a series of difficult training programs including Combat Control selection, USAF Combat Dive, and Pararescue Indoctrination. Seraphin was the Distinguished Graduate of the CCT Operator course at Keesler AFB and graduated from the joint University of New Mexico/USAF Pararescue Paramedic school. After separating from the Air Force, Seraphin worked on an ambulance as the lead paramedic and in a high volume Emergency Room in Austin, Texas.


He attended the FBI Academy at Quantico in the summer of 2016 and was assigned to the Washington Field office. While in Washington DC, Seraphin worked Counterintelligence and on a specialty surveillance team. After a voluntary transfer to Las Cruces, New Mexico, he provided a number of protected disclosures to the House and Senate Judiciary committee staff and was “indefinitely suspended” in April, 2022.


Since being suspended, Seraphin has appeared to speak about corruption and political bias within the FBI on Fox News TV, NewsmaxTV, Real America’s Voice, The First, and Salem Media TV. He has been interviewed on national television by Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino, Jesse Watters, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Laura Ingraham, and Jesse Kelly. He is a regular guest on the Dan Bongino Radio show. He has been interviewed for print by the Washington Times, The Daily Caller, The Daily Wire, The New York Post, American Greatness, and independent journalists like Matt Taibbi of Racket and Tracy Beanz of UnCoverDC. His public media debut was on September 22, 2022 on the Dan Bongino Show podcast. The two 1 hour segments have gathered more than a million views on Rumble alone.


The Kyle Seraphin Show streams live weekdays at 0930 ET / 0830 Texas America time on Rumble, X, Facebook, YouTube, and more. The show features balanced political conservative commentary and guests who have been attacked by government malfeasance. Previous guests include experts in fields like law enforcement, national security, and military operations, elected politicians, and jailed opponents of government weaponization. 



  • You’re Probably an Extremist. And Here’s Why.

    You’re Probably an Extremist. And Here’s Why.

    December 29, 2023
    To the FBI, a practicing Catholic equals an extremist. Whistleblower Kyle Seraphin explains why.

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