Mark Houck

Founder, The King's Men

Mark Houck, Co-Founder & President of The King’s Men is an author, lecturer, radio host, activist and passionate Catholic. Since 2006, he has been speaking to thousands of men about a variety of topics related to the development of authentic masculinity. Mark has written numerous articles, brochures and publications on the topics of pornography, homosexuality, abortion, teen sexuality, parenting and masculine spirituality. 


In 2008, the USCCB asked him to author a publication on the issue of pornography, which has since been circulated within every diocese in the US. The mission of The King’s Men has enabled Mark to minister to men and women all across North America and Europe. 


Prior to launching The King’s Men, he was a full-time chastity educator and pro-life activist with Generation Life. Mark has a BA in Human Resource Management from The Catholic University of America and a Master’s in Education from Holy Family University. 


Mark is married with seven children, and lives outside Philadelphia, PA.



  • “You’re here because I save babies”: The Story of Mark Houck

    “You’re here because I save babies”: The Story of Mark Houck

    November 03, 2023
    What happens when you’re faced with losing everything? Catholic dad Mark Houck tells his story in this episode!

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