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January 05, 2024

A Time of Confusion: Gay Blessings, Death Penalty, & Taylor Swift

Has the Church approved “gay blessings?” Archbishop Joseph Naumann guides us through the confusion.

Show Notes

EP072: Archbishop Joseph Naumann


Did the Vatican just allow for “gay blessings?” And is the Church really “too masculine?”


How does a Catholic wade through all the screeching media narratives claiming that Church doctrine has now changed? 


Thankfully, Kansas City’s Archbishop Joseph Naumann joins Mary to help us navigate the confusion.


In this episode, Archbishop Naumann unpacks the Fiducia Supplicans document that has sparked worldwide backlash and controversy among the faithful.


He also addresses the death penalty question, masculinity in the Church, and his own family’s touching story of forgiveness in the face of violence –  it’s all here on the EDIFY Podcast!


BONUS: Archbishop Naumann shares his take on Taylor Swift + Travis Kelce and how the relationship could potentially relate to the vocation crisis.

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