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July 09, 2024

A Walking Tomb? The Truth About Prenatal Testing

Parents facing their baby’s life-limiting fetal diagnosis are usually pressured into abortion. Keara Burke sheds light on the better, life-affirming alternative.

Show Notes

EP084: Keara Burke


“Your child will be born in terrible pain. This will put your fertility at risk. Abortion is the compassionate response.” 


This is the advice most frequently given to parents when they receive a life-limiting fetal diagnosis like Trisomy 18 or anencephaly for their baby. But is fear and death the only answer?


Keara Burke lived through this experience when her son Rory was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 in utero – her story proves firsthand that life-affirming and beautiful alternatives exist.


In this episode, Keara joins Erika to share her story and her work through Rory’s Way. Keara’s mission is to educate and guide parents through this difficult time with the support of perinatal care that dignifies the lives of babies regardless of how long they last. 


Erika and Keara cut to the heart of this emotional but crucial subject, discussing why letting nature take its course is not the default for society and how the number of babies misdiagnosed and aborted for defects is shockingly high.  


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