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January 24, 2023

Anti-Catholic Violence & Government Silence

Attacks against churches and pregnancy resource centers are happening in our own communities. Here’s what you can do to bring about change!

Show Notes

EP039: Ed Whelan & Nancy Anter


Anti-Catholic violence is nothing new. But today we face a new threat. Since May 2022, hundreds of attacks by terrorist group Ruth Sent Us have been inflicted against churches and pregnancy resource centers across America. 


In this episode, hear from guests Ed Whelan and Nancy Anter about how the Biden Administration and federal law enforcement agencies have turned their backs to these events, as well as millions of faithful citizens who work and pray daily to uphold the dignity of all human life.


View CatholicVote’s violence trackers here:


Download CatholicVote’s FREE ebook, Burning the Churches, to learn more about:

  • The connection between pro-life victories and hate crimes against churches
  • How the Department of Justice should (and doesn’t) prosecute anti-Catholic violence 
  • The concrete steps you can take to bring about change. 


Demand Congress investigate. Sign this petition to tell Congress to protect our churches and pregnancy resource centers.


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