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January 04, 2022

Choosing a Plan for Living Your Faith Publicly

Father Roger Landry discusses the universal call to holiness, giving practical resources to grow in your faith - privately and publicly.

Show Notes

EP009: Father Roger Landry

Becoming holy doesn’t happen by accident. Father Roger Landry, the twin brother of EDIFY podcast host Scot Landry, gives us a handful of great (and practical) resources to begin or advance our journey on the road to holiness, including how to lead others into the light of Christ by living our faith publicly. Father Landry also discusses his ministry on CatholicPreaching.com and at the United Nations. 


Resources for Living your Faith in the World:


Father Roger Landry is a priest of the Diocese of Fall River who currently serves on the staff of the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations. Please click here for more biographical information on Father Landry. 


If you haven’t seen Father Landry’s EDIFY video, please watch it at edify.us

To hear more from Father Landry, find him on Twitter, YouTube and CatholicPreaching.com.


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