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August 11, 2023

My Story: “Gender-affirming care”

Find out the terrifying truth behind “gender-affirming care” from detransitioner Chloe Cole.

Show Notes

EP060: Chloe Cole


Having embarked on her own transition journey at the tender age of 12, including puberty suppressants, cross sex hormones at 13, and a double mastectomy at 15, only to subsequently detransition at 16, Chloe speaks with firsthand authority on the deeply traumatic effects experienced by minors undergoing such treatments.


Driven by a noble mission to safeguard children from potentially harmful ideologies and medical interventions, Chloe sheds some light on the distressing consequences of “gender-affirming care” for adolescents.


Watch Chloe’s EDIFY video, The Truth Trans Activists Don’t Want You to Know, here.


Watch EDIFY’s full animated video, Heartbreaking Story of Child Transition, here.


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