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March 03, 2023

Revival through the Eucharist

How can we experience revival in our own lives? How can we speak to others about Catholicism and the Eucharist? Fr. Ignatius has the answers.

Show Notes

EP043: Fr. Ignatius Schweitzer, O.P.

On this episode of The EDIFY Podcast, Mary talks with Fr. Ignatius about the revival at Asbury University and the connection to the USCCB’s call to Eucharistic revival in our own church. They discuss how to speak with people of different faiths (or those who have left the Catholic faith) about the Eucharist, how to kindle revival and conversion in our own hearts, and also how to invigorate your own parish to further devotion and prayer.


As we journey through Lent and pray for deeper knowledge and intimacy with the Lord, this is a must-listen conversation.


BONUS: Learn about St. Elizabeth of the Trinity and how she can help each of us today!



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