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March 15, 2024

Take a Stand: Cultural Christianity is Over

Anti-Catholicism is rising - will Christianity no longer be the societal default? Fr. Joseph Krupp shares how we take a stand.

Show Notes

EP079: Fr. Joseph Krupp


Anti-Catholicism is on the rise. American Catholics are constantly faced with attacks ranging from ideological to legislative to physical.

It seems like Christianity will soon no longer be the societal default — or will it?

Fr. Joseph Krupp joins Mary on the EDIFY Podcast to examine the possible end of cultural Catholicism and where people of faith should turn their attention. 

Fr. Joe’s own Michigan parish was vandalized twice in anti-Catholic attacks. He shares why Catholics need to be ready to face cultural rejection and some practical tips for staying strong in the fight. 

WATCH: Fr. Krupp’s animated EDIFY video.

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