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January 12, 2024

“What Is A Man?” A Look At The Neuroscience

Have you heard of the “masculine genius?” Catholic psychologist Dr. Greg Bottaro shares the neuroscience behind it.

Show Notes

EP073: Dr. Greg Bottaro


What is a man? And have you heard of the “masculine genius?”


Men today are constantly told their masculinity is “toxic,” but is that really the case? 


Dr. Greg Bottaro of the Catholic Psych Institute joins Mary on the EDIFY Podcast to unpack the neuroscience behind the “masculine genius” and how it relates to male and female complementarity. 


From traditional gender roles, to the role of science in the pursuit of truth, this episode digs deep into key aspects of our society’s confusion.  


  • To learn more from Dr. Bottaro, listen to his podcast, Being Human, here.

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