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  • Why You Need Prudence

    Why You Need Prudence

    March 24, 2023
    Why is the virtue of prudence so critical to our daily lives? Fr. Gregory Pine has the answers.
  • The Fallout of Lockdowns

    The Fallout of Lockdowns

    March 17, 2023
    All of us have been affected by the pandemic - but children most of all. Dr. Kheriaty walks us through the fallout of our COVID policies.
  • Are Women Oppressed?

    Are Women Oppressed?

    March 10, 2023
    Did you know that Pope Saint John Paul II wrote an open letter to women? Simone breaks it down in this episode. Listen now!
  • Revival through the Eucharist

    Revival through the Eucharist

    March 03, 2023
    How can we experience revival in our own lives? How can we speak to others about Catholicism and the Eucharist? Fr. Ignatius has the answers.
  • What is Marriage?

    What is Marriage?

    February 17, 2023
    Learn the answers to tough questions about marriage policy from the man who wrote the book on it.
  • The Truth about Critical Race Theory

    The Truth about Critical Race Theory

    February 10, 2023
    This episode is packed with truth bombs. Learn about CRT, marriage policy, and this philosopher’s journey from Catholicism to atheism and back again!

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