Dr. Aaron Kheriaty

Director, EPPC Bioethics & American Democracy Program

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty is a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, where he directs the Bioethics and American Democracy program. He is currently Chief of Psychiatry & Ethics at Doc1 Health and Chief of Medical Ethics at The Unity Project, and a Senior Fellow and Director of the Health and Human Flourishing Program at the Zephyr Institute. Dr. Kheriaty is also a Scholar at the Paul Ramsey Institute and he serves on the advisory board at the Simone Weil Center for Political Philosophy.


For many years he was Professor of Psychiatry at UCI School of Medicine and Director of the Medical Ethics Program at UCI Health, where he chaired the ethics committee. He also chaired the ethics committee at the California Department of State Hospitals for several years. On matters of public policy and healthcare he has addressed the California Medical Association and has testified before the California Senate Health Committee. Dr. Kheriaty has consulted on COVID related ethical issues during the pandemic, such as ventilator triage and vaccine allocation, for the UC Office of the President, the County of Orange Healthcare Agency, and the California Department of Public Health.


Dr. Kheriaty has also authored books and articles for professional and lay audiences on bioethics, social science, psychiatry, religion, and culture.



  • The Fallout of Lockdowns

    The Fallout of Lockdowns

    March 17, 2023
    All of us have been affected by the pandemic - but children most of all. Dr. Kheriaty walks us through the fallout of our COVID policies.
  • COVID Response: “Unprecedented,” but “Necessary?”

    COVID Response: “Unprecedented,” but “Necessary?”

    October 19, 2022
    Dr. Aaron Kheriaty examines missteps to the COVID-19 response, both by public health officials and our Church leaders.

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