Edward Feser

Philosopher & Author

Edward Feser is Professor of Philosophy at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California. He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of California at Santa Barbara, an M.A. in religion from the Claremont Graduate School, and a B.A. in philosophy and religious studies from the California State University at Fullerton.


Called by National Review “one of the best contemporary writers on philosophy,” Feser is the author of many books and academic articles.  His primary academic research interests are in metaphysics, natural theology, the philosophy of mind, and moral and political philosophy. Feser also writes on politics, culture, and religion.


He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and six children.


  • The Truth about Critical Race Theory

    The Truth about Critical Race Theory

    February 10, 2023
    This episode is packed with truth bombs. Learn about CRT, marriage policy, and this philosopher’s journey from Catholicism to atheism and back again!

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