Prof. Josh Hochschild

Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Joshua Hochschild is Professor of Philosophy and the Director of Philosophy, Politics & Economics Program at Mount St. Mary’s College in Emmitsburg, MD. In addition to scholarly publications in medieval philosophy and the history of ethics and social thought, his essays, reviews, and commentary have appeared in First Things, The Wall Street Journal, Commonweal, and Modern Age. He is also co-author of a practical guide to spiritual discipline, A Mind at Peace: Reclaiming an Ordered Soul in the Age of Distraction. For 2020-2021 he is President of the American Catholic Philosophical Association. He earned his Ph.D from the University of Notre Dame (2001) and his B.A. from Yale University (1994).  Please click here for more biographical information on Joshua.



  • Speaking Out on Mandate Misinformation

    Speaking Out on Mandate Misinformation

    October 26, 2021
    How can we make sense of varied vaccine mandate messages?

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