Keara Burke

Keara’s mission is for Rory’s Way and perinatal hospice to be presented as a viable option and choice for every parent given a life-limiting diagnosis for their baby. Together with her husband, Rory, they are building a network of mothers and fathers with personal experience who can provide additional support to parents in these very emotional situations. Keara is a mother of five children, including her son Rory, who was diagnosed with a life-limiting condition in utero and lived for five days. Keara holds a double degree in Communications and Political Science from Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame and an MBA from The University of Notre Dame.


  • A Walking Tomb? The Truth About Prenatal Testing

    A Walking Tomb? The Truth About Prenatal Testing

    July 09, 2024
    Parents facing their baby’s life-limiting fetal diagnosis are usually pressured into abortion. Keara Burke sheds light on the better, life-affirming alternative.

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