Peter Rex

CEO, Rex

Peter Rex began working construction at 18 years old while attending community college. In 2005, after completing philosophy and government degrees at Georgetown, he purchased his first property. To preserve capital, Pete slept in vacant units and did all the maintenance and construction management himself. He also handled legal, tax, finance, code compliance, and asset management.

Pete continued to run his operations while completing Harvard Law, earning a CPA, and fighting through the Great Financial Crisis.

In the depths of that recession, Pete scaled to $2B of assets with a vertically integrated operation and 500+ employees. The company received national distinctions as a Fortune’s Top 20 Places to Work and a Top 5 ranking for most apartment renovations completed.

Pete currently has 10 tech companies solving the largest, most lucrative problems in the real estate industry – ranging from insuring and paying workers to investing in and managing assets. He is also on the board of the Catholic University of America’s Busch School of Business.


  • Stand Up (even if you’re standing alone)

    Stand Up (even if you’re standing alone)

    November 17, 2022
    In this episode, hear from Peter Rex, a tech entrepreneur who’s not afraid to stand up for his values and his faith - even if he’s standing alone.

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