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May 28, 2024

Sex, Women’s Rights, and The Vocation of Motherhood

Should women stay at home? What about working moms? Samantha Povlock explains the Catholic understanding of women's role in society.

Show Notes

EP081: Samantha Povlock


Should women stay at home with their kids? What are we to think of working moms?


Disagreement over the role of women in society is at the forefront of many conversations today. Women are pitted against men in a constant competition, but on both sides of the political aisle, there’s a tendency to reduce femininity and motherhood to a narrow set of requirements.  


In this episode, Erika meets with Samantha Povlock, founder of FemCatholic, to delve into the Catholic understanding of what is best for women. 


From maternity leave, to confusion surrounding Natural Family Planning, to what’s missing from the working mom debate, Erika and Samantha tackle all things women’s issues and explore the legacy of women in the Church.


Learn More: FemCatholic – “The one big thing missing from the Working Mom debate”


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